Freedom for the Picts

So it’s on, now, for Scotland. It’s on for one people to break away from the 1%ers who’ve driven the UK into “austerity,” beginning with the nasty grocer’s daughter, and continuing to the present day. Sometimes, a poet can unite a people. Robbie Burns slipped between the veils in 1796, but his poems have been inspiring the Higlanders — and those who love freedom — ever since.

A man’s a man, as he rather sexistly said, for a’ that.

2 responses to “Freedom for the Picts

  1. well, there’s freedom, and then there’s climate change.

    I respect the idea of freedom, but when the reality involves, say, currency, you ought to know what you are doing:

    “An independent Scotland should have its own currency and its own monetary policy. If this makes you nervous, then the whole idea of independence should make you nervous.”

  2. Ah, but only 45% voted to leave; the rest decided to stay with us and I’m glad they did. I lived in Edinburgh for a few years before returning to England, and was amazed during my time there at the racist remarks directed at the English…shame really it’s a lovely place.

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