I have been having — and I think that you will all know what I mean — a Bad Week.

A Really Bad Week.

An aching tooth, and it takes days to connect with your dentist, traveling way oversees, to get a referral. A person at work who always makes problems and decides that now is the time to make a really, really big problem. Prescriptions gone awry, a new car temp tag that expires before the new one comes in and a dealer who won’t call you back. An order of new sheets that never arrives. A Really Bad Week. A cash transfer that takes more work than it should have taken. Some passwords that need fixing. Forgetting your antibiotics just when they’re beginning to have an effect. (OK, even I can see how these are all First World Problems.)

But I have also been having a Really Good Week.

An endodontist who is clearly a kindred soul and a true healer. Catching up with a Druid. A surprisingly strong ally at work. An almost immediate improvement in response to a drug. A beloved, long-term friend who hugs you, senses that you’ve gotten healthier, and feeds you wonderful late-Summer food. My Bit of Earth mellowing under the short, almost-Autumn sun. G/Son slipping into third grade and pitching baseball w/o a hitch. My wonderful paralegal supporting my work. My memory of the scent of pine at Falling Water.

May it be so for you.

3 responses to “Blessings

  1. Interesting week here, too. I lost my job of 17 years, but am finially FREE to explore my Metaphysical business. Mixed feelings right now with no $$$, but feeling my Future is Golden. Can you say Changes?

  2. Most of the time, it seems life is just a series of ups and downs. I think we have to have a certain amount of negative experiences, failed efforts and confusion to be able to fully appreciate life at its best. The bad stuff teaches us a deeper sense of gratitude for the good. It’s all part of life’s little checks to keep us in balance.

    So glad that in the midst of a bad week, you are still able to appreciate the good.

  3. Happy, uh, Bad Week to you! (It must be a national holiday – we had it too!) Thanks for raising all of our spirits!

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