Saturday Evening Pot Pourri


The Goddess, from the great above, She set Her mind towards the great below,

Innana from the great above, She set her mind toward the great below.

May Lady abandoned heaven, abandoned Earth, to the nether world She descended,

Innana abandoned heaven, abandoned Earth, to the nether world She descended.

~ Innana’s Descent to the Nether World (Ancient Sumer)

“The earliest surviving poetry sings of woman’s journey.  It is a journey to the underworld, to the land of the dead.  Religious practices and other literature illuminate the meaning of this journey below as a metaphor for the cycles of the Earth, the stage in a woman’s life, and journey inward leading to discovery of the self.”

~ Drawing from Mythology in Women’s Quest for Selfhood by Bella Debrida, pub. in The Politics of Women’s Spirituality:  Essays on the Rise of Spiritual Power Within the Feminist Movement, ed. by Charlene Spretnak

As we move from Summer into Autumn, we begin to move inward.  We bring the harvest of our gardens into the pantry.  We move inside to sit and chat with friends.  We begin the introspective process that will lead us to set new goals at Samhein.   Here’s some advice about setting goals basic stuff, but a good reminder at this time of year.

The story of Innana, who was stripped of her robes and jewels as she descended, always makes me think of Autumn, especially as the trees shed their lovely robes.

May we all make room for Innana in our busy lives.

*  One thing I do more of as I do less gardening and spend more time inside:  knit!  And I’m mad for these tiny knitted mushrooms, but can’t find the pattern.  When I do . . . .

*  Another thing I’m planning to make is a strong Winter Tonic. I’ll be using some of the fish peppers that I grew instead of habaneros.  Do you have a recipe you like?

*  This short article is worth a read.

The two grocery items over $5? Fresh produce. A few less-expensive fruits and veggies were purchased, but the amounts were snack-sized, not meal-sized. One bell pepper. A quart of blueberries.

I look at this list and can’t help but wonder how she’s supposed to do it. If $11 of apples equals two snacks but $3 in Ramen will feed her entire family for dinner, how can she possibly pick apples with her limited food stamp budget? And how will she ever afford to fill half of every mealtime plate with fruits and veggies, the amount recommended by the same government that issued her food stamps?

I’ll be making a trip to drop off canned goods at the county food assistance center. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s what I can do.

Picture found here.


One response to “Saturday Evening Pot Pourri

  1. So the person who did that photo of the cute tiny mushrooms is on Ravelry. I didn’t see this particular pattern in the search but I did see others that she used in the search. I am sure you can ask her what pattern she used.

    Her link on Rav is Hope this helps.

    Love reading your blog.

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