Ursual LeGuin Talk; You Listen


5 responses to “Ursual LeGuin Talk; You Listen

  1. You know, even hearing her name mentioned makes me want to cry happy-tears. 🙂

  2. Rhyd, She’s wonderful, isn’t she?

  3. H/D, Thanks so much for this link! She is wonderful, indeed!

  4. So that’s what she looks and sounds like!!! I’ve been reading her, sometimes obsessively, since “The Left Hand of Darkness” kept my 12 year old self company on a long flight from Richmond, CA to Cape Zama, Japan 43 years ago.

    I hope she’s wrong that “we will need writers who remember freedom,” but a dark cloud scudded across my inner moon as I heard her say that.

  5. Oops! Camp, not cape.

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