Monday at the Movies

OK, I know that this video is 18 minutes long. But before you mark it down as “tl;dv” or “too long; didn’t view” hold on a minute. Just about now is when way too many of us get so busy we can hardly see straight. And spending an entire 18 minutes in an English garden is a not-too-bad way to counter some of the effects of this season’s stress. So make some tea, wear your cozy socks, and give yourself permission to wander through this garden, watch how the weather changes from sunny, to cloudy, to rain, to bits of sun. Let yourself linger on the rill (which I post in honor of Landscape Guy, the Rill Whisperer), my favorite bits (the bees on the lavender), and the hydrangeas (which always remind me of my friend, E, who loves them). What parts brought you back to yourself?

2 responses to “Monday at the Movies

  1. Loved the video. The gardens are lovely. My favorite things were the sounds, especially the winds blowing through the trees.

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