Monday at the Movies: I Am So There

G/Son and I love this musical, which, I think, is available on YouTube and/or Netflix. I’m really, really hoping that Disney (aka the Evil Empire) hasn’t fucked this one up. Because I am definitely going to take G/Son to see it.

Bernadette Peters, who played the Witch in the musical, was maybe the best Witch, ever.


5 responses to “Monday at the Movies: I Am So There

  1. Agreed about Bernadette Peters. I was quite disappointed when the role went to Meryl Streep. She’s a fine actress, but she’s no Bernadette Peters. I look forward to hearing how you and G/S enjoy it

  2. Bernadette, most definitely.

  3. And G/S will be able to offer his opinion of Meryl Streep because he has seen that production as well as the live production in Central Park last summer or the summer before.

  4. A possible movie treat for 2015 — “A Little Chaos” — a female gardener helps to design the gardens of Versailles … with Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet — looks good so far!

  5. If you want to see Bernadette Peters as the witch the original cast version is available on Amazon Instant (that means online streaming) Video for a $2.99 rental:

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