Real Magic

Calendar_0Now that we’ve well and truly begun 2015, something wonderful has happened: calendars have gone on sale.  Wall calendars.  Desk calendars.  Page-a-day calendars with quotations, or cartoons, or pictures of ladies’ shoes.

Calendars are serious tools for serious magic.  With a calendar you can, as someone, I believe Christine Kane, once said, live more from intention and less from habit.  With a calendar, you can schedule the things you really want to do and avoid the things you want to stop doing.  Make an appointment to see a financial advisor and you won’t be sitting in front of the TV.  Schedule your daily practice and you won’t be checking Facebook just one more time.

The Greenman was recently telling me that he writes his Word of the Year on his calendar page whenever he turns over a new one.  It helps him to stay conscious of his word.  I’m going to steal that idea and you may as well, too.

So, now that they’re on sale, go buy a calendar for your kitchen wall.  For your desk.  For your altar.  For the car.

And do magic.

Picture found here.


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