The Snow Amplifies the Sound


It snowed this morning and I worked from home, drinking a second cup of coffee, and then several mugs of tea, while I read cases and took conference calls. And all day in between — while throwing in a load of laundry, making squash soup in the crockpot, watching a woodpecker on my lunch break — what I kept hearing the Goddess whisper is that this is the season to be kind to ourselves. To slow down, listen, rest.

Who knows? You might just hear a woodpecker searching for bugs in the maple tree. The snow amplifies the sound.

May it be so for you.

Picture found here.


4 responses to “The Snow Amplifies the Sound

  1. Beautiful, Hecate.

  2. Provider, Many, many thanks!

  3. Hecate, what’s that online Tarot deck you always recommend? I normally use my Gaian Tarot but am still a bit overwhelmed by the reading I did New Years’ night and would like another perspective. Somehow the Ryder-Waite on Facebook is not appealing right now…..need a good random-card generator.

  4. xan, There’s Lunaea’s Tarot, linked in my blog roll to the right. Good luck!

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