Extremely Powerful and Unable to Get What We Want


It’s surprising how powerful feminists are. No, really. Sure, we can’t get any of the things we really want: ERA; equal pay for equal work; access to health care unimpeded by other people’s imputed Bronze Age religious beliefs; generally equal representation in the White House, Congress, SCOTUS, and governors’ mansions; some cracks in the glass ceiling; help with the housework; or even comfortable high heels.

But we sure are powerful.

We caused, by my unofficial count, 9/11, Katrina, and, now, it turns out, pedophile priests.

You think they’d be worried about pacifying such powerful creatures, giving us what we want so we’d stop causing such horrific disasters, attempting to appease us before we strike again, but, oddly, no, that’s not the Xian nutjob reaction to our amazing powers.

My head hurts.

Picture found here.

3 responses to “Extremely Powerful and Unable to Get What We Want

  1. They are VERY afraid of us actually. They KNOW that when we draw the line, it is over for them. It is women who seem to keep tolerating the intolerable. If women were to unite, the world would be transformed within no time.

  2. I think you may be right, Elisabeth. Sadly, I don’t think I will see this in my lifetime. But one can always hope.
    A very interesting website I just found today- Women on Waves.

  3. I will check it out. Thank you. And no, the men are not going to admit they have made a shocking mess of the planet with their power hungry, violent system of disempowering 50% of the human race so it is the women who need to make this happen. I have noticed on many sites I visit though, that the men are becoming VERY nervous, especially those that are indoctrinated by theology [totally separate from the God issue], I think they can see the writing on the wall. I live in hope!

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