Thursday Evening Potpourri


* I really want to see this.

* To make this.

* To spend some time thinking about this:

DESPAIR takes us in when we have nowhere else to go; when we feel the heart cannot break anymore, when our world or our loved ones disappear, when we feel we cannot be loved or do not deserve to be loved, when our God disappoints, or when our body is carrying profound pain in a way that does not seem to go away.

. . .

We take the first steps out of despair by taking on its full weight and coming fully to ground in our wish not to be here. We let our bodies and we let our world breathe again. In that place, strangely, despair cannot do anything but change into something else, into some other season, as it was meant to do, from the beginning. Despair is a difficult, beautiful necessary, a binding understanding between human beings caught in a fierce and difficult world where half of our experience is mediated by loss, but it is a season, a wave form passing through the body, not a prison surrounding us. A season left to itself will always move, however slowly, under its own patience, power and volition.

* To recommend this.

* To sing like this, and this, and this.

* To grow some of this.

Picture found here.


4 responses to “Thursday Evening Potpourri

  1. Have you a good recipe for purslane? I have plenty of the wild variety. Purslane and lamb’s quarter, which is yummy in soup. When the garden grows weeds, eat them!

  2. Kathy, I’m planning to use it in salads, I think. But soup could be good, too.

  3. I’ll try it this spring. I like nasturtiums in salads too but I imagine that purslane could add some texture that a leaf lettuce salad needs. I worked in a wholesale nursery once where the Filipino women would ask, when assigned to weed, if they could keep the weeds. They would go home with paper grocery sacks brimming with purslane. I always wished I’d asked how they cooked it. I imagined stir fry so I tried it but I don’t think I did it right. Thanks for the salad tip.

  4. Kathy, here are some suggestions, including smoothies. I’d worry about weeds from a nursery having been sprayed with pesticides, but maybe they washed it very carefully.

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