Monday at the Movies

Everyone I know who’s seen this says it’s a wonderful movie, but you sure can’t tell that from the trailer. Did you see it and, if so, was it amazing? Would you, based on the trailer?

2 responses to “Monday at the Movies

  1. Yeah, from the looks of this trailer it’s just another ‘boy becomes man’ film.

  2. I may not have wanted to see it from the trailer, but after seeing Patricia Arquette on the Today Show with John Stewart I would see it. She explained that most movies are about big, larger-than-life things, and she thought the director and film-makers were brave to film a life. Just life. She explained that Life alone, with all its mistakes and relationships and memories are the big things we should be paying attention to. I liked that. (She may even have mentioned that life is what is magic, or that may be me reading my own feelings into her interview.) She said the last year was really hard to film and she didn’t want it to end. Thought they should continue another twenty years until she died and then that would be the mystery.

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