Conference Self Care

Getting to spend time with Byron Ballard is like a tonic for me.  

I spend almost all day, every day, doing BigLaw, learning to love the bramble bush, interacting with other lawyers.  And, lawyers are my people in that they, as I, love the Glass Bead Game, love language, love being the sellsword who steps onto the sand armed with only the Powers of Air, deep grounding, wit.  They grock and respect my love of winning.  And in case you hadn’t noticed, I do love to win.

But I’m in the closet at work and there is a part of me that no one there will ever know.   And so I have gone to ridiculous measures to finish up projects at work, get up to Baltimore before the snow, and be with Byron.  With my OTHER people (Pisces & Gemini. The only two signs that look both ways). When I am with Byron, I remember that it is very much OK to be the kind of Witch I am. 

Getting to spend time with Literara is like a tonic for me.

I spend so much time reading the law, and no matter how many hours I work, it seems as if I could always spend more time, read a few more cases, Shepardize a bit farther back, focus even more on an incredibly obscure section of statute.  

There’s so much history I only half kind of know.  

But I can listen to Lit for 90 minutes and come away with dozens of insights into the history of the last few hundred years, why fashion went the way it went, why I have Arts and Craft wallpaper, what Monique Whittig really meant. Lit reminds me that Witches are young, professional, put together, and winning roles in academia.  When I am with Literata, I remember how I want Witchcraft to be.

Getting to spend time with Diotima is like a tonic for me. 

I feel as if I am just learning to garden and she is an inspiration to me.  We talk about the challenges of being aging gardeners and I realize that I’m not facing these issues alone.  

And then she blows my mind with her astrological discussion of the next few years. I want to catch up with her and ask her about The Water Wars.  Listening to her talk about peak phosphorus and what all the conjunctions with Neptune mean for the seas isn’t easy, but I’m glad that I heard it.

Getting to spend time with Star is like a tonic for me.  

If the modern Pagan movement has a Dorothy Parker, she’s Star.  When I grow up, I want to be Star.  And she and I have exactly the same ideas about money .  She is precisely the brilliant, witty, down to earth kind of Witch that these times need.

All of which is to say that by 6:15 pm today, my INTJ self retreated to my hotel room for an hour or so of grounding. My almost nonexistent Pisces boundaries need some time alone.  

But I am blessed beyond belief to live in this circle of Witches, even if I only see most of them once a year or so, and then have to go be alone to recover.

May it be so for you

The picture of the candle that Byron gave me, which is the best candle ever, in the entire history of candles, is by the blogger. If you copy please link back.


6 responses to “Conference Self Care

  1. Aw I wish I had gotten to meet you as I am here as well, just packing up- I follow your blog and so love it- maybe next year!! I too am a professional in- the-closet- would love to chat about that someday-

  2. diotimabooraem

    Great being able to spend time with you, too, Hecate! You are always an inspiration. Oh, and this morning, a guy who works at the auto repair place where I’ve been taking my car for years told me his 15 year old son would LOVE to make some money working outdoors, and since they live about 15 minutes away, he’d be willing to drive his son over a couple of times a month to help me in the garden. So, another problem solved by Witchcraft. 🙂

  3. anne, Maybe coffee next year?

    Dio, Your talk has given me so much to think about. Thank you for it. Good news about your gardener!

  4. You. Dear, dear friend.

  5. It was a wonderful conference. But next year, I will bring a humidifier for my hotel room.

  6. Where did she find the wonderful candle? Is there a Hecate version?

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