Water Wars

Water Wars: Coming Soon to a Planet Near You.

Know what Enron was attempting to commoditize just before it went bankrupt? Starts with an “H” and ends with “2o.” If you think that permanently stopped the move to privatize the world’s water resources, I have a few Great Lakes that I’d like to sell you.

My friend, the ever brilliant Atrios, occasionally puts up a post saying he just can’t imagine what will happen when a major city runs out of water. And I keep telling him what will happen: poor people will first riot, will then become willing slaves in return for minimal water rations, and will then die in large numbers. Rich people will keep watering their lawns and golf courses will truck in water stolen from some poor area. Christian preachers will insist that the lack of water is their god’s sign that he’s angry about gay marriage, abortion, women’s rights, etc., etc., etc. Eventually, only the very rich, and then only the uber rich, and then only the ultra rich will have water and, then, well, we all know what happened to the Mayans, the Pueblo people of Chaco canyon, the Bronze Age Aegean.

There are too many people and not enough planet. Nicely done, Catholic Church. I’m blaming Sao Paulo all on you.

hat tip to the Greenman for encouraging me to write about this.

3 responses to “Water Wars

  1. Yep, sounds about right.

  2. Thank you! This needs to be said over and over. People are worried about feeding 9 billion people in 2050 as if it stops there. Population would double again in 40 years at this rate, if not for the fact that the world can’t support more than 11 billion or so, less yet as global warming reduces arable farmland. And since we don’t distribute resources fairly, even less.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It was an amazing eye opener and thought provoker. It has also led to some insomnia now that I can’t stop thinking about it but hopefully that insomnia will lead to something good.

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