White Fragility

You need to read this.

/Hat tip to Angela Nine Ravens


4 responses to “White Fragility

  1. I bet her comments are often unpopular. I openly admit that white privilege has shaped my adult life without me ever lifting a finger to insist upon it; that is, for example, one reason I have never explored my Amerindian bits of ancestry — I feel too ashamed!

    I also resonated strongly (for a different reason) with her explanation of why black people do NOT show their pain on a regular basis — fear. I was once treated very harshly by a counselor for showing what he phrased “low affect” and this led him to think I was lying about my childhood — that it could not have been ‘so bad’ and leave me so emotionless. I was enraged, how could that moron NOT know that if I showed a whisper of emotion — discontent, pain, anger, sorror — IN that place, I would be BEATEN? And there it is, that IS where non-white Americans live all the time.

  2. Reblogged this on Experiential Pagan and commented:
    She is right, if your skin is white, you need to read this.

  3. syrbal, Thank you for sharing that. I hear what your are saying. And I know that you are not a liar.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this (and many others)! To me these blogs and articles are lessons I can learn in order to (hopefully) do better. I share them on my Facebook page too, even though sometimes I’m afraid I’ll be attacked or flamed for them. And then I realize, if I’m this fearful of being an ally, what’s it like for those an actual danger? Blessed be to you for your courage.

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