How I’m Going to Deal with Hillary Clinton’s Campaign. Because That’s How Feminism Works.

So I was going to write pretty much this exact post, but the lovely and literate Melissa McEwan at Shakesville did it better and first and saved me the trouble.

Hillary Clinton is going to announce announced her long-expected second run for the presidency today and shit, as they say, is about to get real. One thing that surprised me about Obama’s candidacy and presidency has been how truly, deeply, evilly racist our society still is (I know, but privilege!) and how his election brought all that infection to the surface in one ugly boil. I expect Clinton’s candidacy and (please Goddess) presidency to do that and more for sexism. It’s going to be a long nine (hopefully) years.

As Melissa says (and I agree):

Clinton is a consummate modern Democratic politician. Which means she’s way more conservative on many issues that I am (and most of this readership is): She’s a corporatist, an opportunist, not committed to full transparency, and way more hawkish on foreign policy than I want any president to be (though I am keenly aware that peaceniks don’t get elected). She’s not great at talking about race and racism, always sounding awkward and unnatural like she’s really trying hard to avoid saying the wrong thing, at a time when we really need a president who can speak confidently on racial issues.

That’s not a complete list, but it’s a few of my major concerns. And, to be fair to Hillary Clinton, most of them are concerns I would have about virtually any Democratic candidate. But that doesn’t make them any less concerning.

And Melissa speaks for me when she says:

[L]et me just lay out what things are going to look like around here, regarding her candidacy, and y’all can manage your expectations accordingly: I am going to staunchly, unapologetically defend Hillary Clinton from the unfathomable torrents of misogyny which will be disgorged by both conservatives and progressives who can’t be bothered to criticize her on the issues; I am going to be excited and invigorated by Hillary Clinton and her campaign; I am going to be depressed by and frustrated with Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

And if she happens to win, just substitute “presidency” for “campaign.”

And, like Melissa, here’s my bottom line:

And no matter what, I am going to push back with all of my might against misogyny unleashed at her, because that’s how feminism works.

So strap in, y’all. Here we go.

I’ve spent my life watching Patriarchy demonize smart, ambitious, aggressive women, although often subtly and from the shadows. Now, it’s all going to come out into the open.

Bring it.

19 responses to “How I’m Going to Deal with Hillary Clinton’s Campaign. Because That’s How Feminism Works.

  1. The crapola tsunami begins now.

  2. Widdershins, Yes it does. And we were born for these times. It can begin and end with us. Our great grand daughters should not have to deal with it.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! I have felt so conflicted, but this totally clarifies it for me. I am so there, yeah, bring it.

  4. Really well put. Thanks for posting

  5. As long as she doesn’t kowtow to Wall Street, support “school reform” (which is also kowtowing to Wall Street) versus the huge, homegrown-but-ignored-by-feminists feminist issue that really is, continue our interventionist, warmongering resource-looting posture (also kowtowing to Wall Street), allow the surveillance state apparatus to continue unabated, and takes decisive action punish wall street criminals and to end racist policing, and works to overturn Citizens United, she has my wholehearted support.

  6. Mass Independent

    I enthusiastically voted for Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party, in the last POTUS election. I cannot in good conscience vote for the war monger HRC, you know, the one who “cares about women and children”, except, the Iraqi ones. I would encourage women to work hard to pressure the Dems to put forth a suitable woman candidate. Suitable as in progressive, moral and one we can actually get behind. I’m a 64 year old white guy (angry one too, but more at the Dems than Rethugs, because they are supposed to be the smart ones) and would love to see a great woman president in my lifetime. But not HRC. No way. Not ever. I find the uncritical support of HRC just because she is a woman, disturbing. Woman can do much better–start now.

    • Define a “suitable” woman candidate? My mother is a great human being and has as much chance of being president as Dr. Jill Stein.

      Nobody’s perfect and nobody has the perfect voting record. But regardless of her mistakes, Hillary Clinton is THE suitable woman candidate. And if she’s learned from her mistakes and is elected, I think she has the potential to be transformative as a President (and not just because she’s a woman).

  7. I cherish the warmonger piece, actually. That is always the sticking point between me as a leftist and “progressives.” I never work for peace but am a lover of justice. Thanks for this, Hec, and for leading me back to Shakesville. I haven’t been there in a while and so much about Melissa’s work speaks to and for me. Release the Kraken.

  8. Don’t bother doing her any half-assed favors. Go vote for whoever you want. she doesn’t need your condescension.

  9. lol here it comes. Anyone who disagrees with Hillary on anything is instantly going to be labeled sexist or misogynist or cis-scum or whatever. It will be interesting to see how that plays. I could honestly see it working or see it backfiring.

    I’m not voting for a Democrat or a Republican in 2016. I’ll pick the most obscure of the third party candidates and vote for whoever that is.

    Atheists are challenging the religious stalemate and are winning. Apartisans will challenge the false left-right dichotomy and will win.

  10. Jane Gagle-Bennett

    Thanks, Hecate!

  11. “Apartisans will challenge the false left-right dichotomy and will win.”

    Is that a prediction that a third party candidate will win the presidency in 2016?

    I’d be happy if the only people voting for third party alternatives to the Democratic nominee were the ones who thought the alternative could win.

  12. Reblogged this on dottedyellowline and commented:

  13. You would actually vote for her JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN !!? Wow, well our grandaughters wont have to deal with any of THIS SHIT if Hillaryous becomes president ,, there wont be any shit to deal with. And she is such a waste of space roll model for any woman. My good god , can you really not find a decent , honest , real patriotic WOMAN to stand behind? There are plenty of wonderful women in this country to nominate. These are the same friggin ideas that have spiraled this country down the shitter in the first place. This is not feminism, its stupidity !! Please! God help us all..

  14. After Obama and his blatant corporatism I think Hillary will be a breath of fresh air though I doubt many of you remember that she was the one to propose a HOLC that would have worked like Roosevelt;s system and saved homeowner and not banks. And even more important Timmeh Geitner would NOT have been Treasury secretary and in charge of the bank rescue and that might have made all the difference. Instead people (and too many women) supported Obama whose only goal in life is to be one of the Kool kids. It is only now that they have it perfectly clear to everyone that he is not welcome that he has done a few things that look decent. If the repugs ever come their senses and realize they have one of their own in the white house we could still lose social security.

  15. Who I vote for is my own business. Period.

  16. checked back with this article today. My memory was correct that there was an awful lot of “mansplaining” in the comments. And just as much gendered thinking as anywhere else on the web. Kinda sad, sorta infuriating too,

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