Tuesday Evening PotPourri


* If I lived in Ann Arbor, I would go with a huge wad of cash.

* This is a pretty interesting discussion of the magical difference between cause and influence.

* If you claim that you are a member of a group, but all of your efforts are addressed against that group and none are addressed against the group that obviously dominates and discriminates against that group, well, pardon me if I imagine that your loyalties lie elsewhere. YMMV.

* Sleep the sleep of your ancestors:

Prolactin creates a feeling of security, quietness and peace. And it is intimately, and biologically, tied to the dark.

* I’m not sure I could take the crowds at the Chelsea Flower Show. And, Goddess knows, my own, tiny, suburban garden has nothing on those gardens, but I do agree with this gentleman about the importance of a garden forcing people to walk around and, while I haven’t nearly the number of stones that this garden, which won first prize, has, I do think my one, own, Appalachian stone “makes” my own little garden. Recently, a dear friend visited, looked around and said, “This is far lovelier than even your pictures make it look.” Gardens are about causing us to walk around and discover and I’m delighted with this year’s Chelsea winner.

Picture posted by the Patowomeck Indian Tribe.


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