How You Spend Your Minutes Is How You Spend Your Life


I had an opportunity this weekend to be reminded that how I spend my time, especially my “off” time, is how I spend my life.

I think that our all-on-line-all-the-time culture makes it especially easy to let our minutes slip by. OK, five minutes ’till the conference call; I’ll just check Twitter. The research that I brought home for the weekend is finally done and I don’t have to leave for dinner for half an hour; let me hang out at a blog or two. Got the garden weeded and need to rest a minute; let’s check Facebook. And then Twitter, again. And then the blogs, again. And then . . . .

I’ve done it. I bet you’ve done it.

There’s a full Moon coming up; a wonderful time to do magic and to manifest what we want our lives to be. I don’t want to spend time on-line with people I’d never associate with in “real life.” And those people are legion online and they are, sadly, often embedded within other people with whom we’d love to spend time. And it’s important to determine when the line gets crossed. As Mary Oliver asks, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

I have a small quote on my desk that I cut out of, maybe, I think, an Omega catalogue. It says: “That was the day that she decided to live more from intention and less from habit.”

I won’t be gone long; you come, too.

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