Thursday Night Odd Bedfellows Blogging

I’ve been traveling this week and thought that, finally home, I’d put up a “real” post this evening. But it turns out that Delta Rae says everything that I might have said today and does it to music.

I’ll just add that I’m not one of those Wiccans who likes to “make nice” with the Christians. There are Pagans who do that work and, Goddess bless them, I’m grateful that they do. But raised Catholic and harmed by Patriarchy, I’m not, in the words of the Dixie Chicks, ready to make nice. But today I donated some money to the Christian church in Charleston that was attacked yesterday by a terrorist.


Well, I’m a woman whose work has resulted in a checkbook with a balance. I’m a woman who hates racism, but can only do small, incremental things to fix it. I’m a woman who hates gun violence and believes, lawyer that I am, that nothing that happened last night in Charleston involved a “well-regulated militia,” no matter what SCOTUS has said, but who can’t do much to stop gun violence. And I’m a woman appalled at the right’s immediate attempt to spin this tragedy as an “attack on Christians,” rather than what it was: an attack on African Americans. (Go right wing; you got me to add an extra zero to my check. You sicken me.) I wish that I could do more, but, as the Beatles said, “We’re all doing what we can.

The church’s homepage lists ways to donate. I’m going to write a letter explaining that my donation comes from a Pagan.


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