Really? Really?


OK, I’m going to blog it soon but, honestly, do I really even need to write this???? Do I need, here in the Twenty-First Century, to explain that when a white man shows up spewing bullets and talking about how the “others,” aka African Americans, want to rape “our” women and take over “our country,” Patriarchy is at work? Women are objectified? Women and the landbase are both “owned” and trespasses upon either are “rapes” that cannot be allowed — well, at least not when committed by the “others”?

Do I still have to do this? Aggression is almost always justified by the trumped-up notion that the aggressor is “protecting” “his” women. We’re really tired of being your lame excuse.

I’ll write this post, simply because I live in a culture that, apparently, still requires it. But I sure did think we’d be done with this bullshit by now.

Dudes, get over it. There’s no such thing as “your” women. You cannot own the land and you cannot lay claim to the bodies of women.

We are not your landscape. We do not provide the justification for your hatred, your murder, your exploitation.

I am just saying. And I’ll keep saying it until it’s no longer necessary, but that doesn’t mean that this bullshit isn’t getting really, really, really old.


3 responses to “Really? Really?

  1. Thankyou for having to take time to repeat this over agian & agian & agian.
    I know it’s frustrating.
    But at least you said it so much nicer than I ever could have.

    I think u should save it. Post it every year.

    Its such a shame that history has to keep repeating itself, yet no one gets it. Especially in these times.
    I learned that when a person let’s hate into their heart. It becomes the Ora around them & the people who come in contact with them are also infected. And then, there it evolves in every life it touches.
    It’s wrong on so many levels. It can make one physically sick.
    They say it takes a village to raise a child.
    But, what will it take to change people with such hate in their heart??

    Let it be & Imagine comes to mind.
    Old, a classic, but yet, so true still today!

  2. Yes. please save and post every year. Because somewhere, on the random day that you choose, if not on the anniversary of this atrocity, words and deeds will be coming to light that cry for your response.

  3. Indeed.

    21st Century!!!!

    Twenty-First Century. Say it slowly ….. and think about all of the old books, movies, television shows that talked about: “What Life Would Be Like in the 21st Century?”

    Remember when that phrase was used in any discussions of The Future?
    If I travelled back in time — my younger Self would have said, “NO — NOT POSSIBLE!!!” to the mere thought that we STILL argue, discuss and fight over SO many basic issues like Race and Sex ….. let alone issues of Health Care, Senior Care ….. let alone issues of Decent and Right Care for the Planet ….

    (still waiting on the ratification of the ERA! — check out news story today about Meryl Streep and her fight to get the ERA on the books!)

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