What Patriotism Looks Like on a Summer Saturday in the South

At the end of an historic week, Ms. Bree Newsome climbed the flagpole outside the South Carolina State Capitol and took down the Confederate flag. May the Goddess guard her every day of her life and reward her for her bravery.

There’s so much to say about this, and, at the same time, what else can anyone say?

Michael Moore has already promised to pay her bail and legal bills and, if the Left has even half the sense of the Right, someone will start a GoFundMe campaign for Ms. Newsome and I’ll definitely send some money to it. Some of us are afraid of heights, but we do have bank accounts. And we’re brave Southern women with bank accounts and we love other brave Southern women when we see them.

I’ll also point out that Ms. Newsome had an ally. His name, according to news reports, is James Ian Tyson. (Son, a rock climber, tells me that what Mr. Tyson was doing, by standing on the ground and holding the rope, was “spotting” Ms. Newsome. He also grabbed the flag when she lowered, it, at least until the white policeman reached out and grabbed it away from him.) Mr. Tyson was doing what an ally does. He supported Ms. Newsome, but he didn’t make himself the center of attention. He was arrested with her, but he was silent while she chanted her religious chant. He supported her but he didn’t make himself the center of attention. May we all learn from him and his good example.

There were some African American police involved in Ms. Newsome’s arrest. Before anyone calls them traitors, I imagine that they figured that it was a good idea for them to be involved in her arrest, transport, jailing. America needs more, not fewer, African American police. But whoever is standing down there yelling, “Mam! Mam! Come down off the pole,” well that person is an idiot.

The Governor of South Carolina, Ms. Nikki Haley, has the ability to issue an executive order RIGHT NOW to protect the safety, health, and welfare of the people of South Carolina. Ms. Haley should order the flag down NOW, even as the South Carolina legislature debates whether or not to permanently remove the flag, and she should do so in order to protect the health, welfare, and safety of others who will follow in Ms. Newsome’s brave example. She should do so NOW in order to protect South Carolina’s scarce resources rather than waste them arresting, jailing, and prosecuting those who, like Ms. Newsome, will continue to drag down that flag.

I’m a Witch and I believe in every cell of my body that my job is to help to turn The Wheel. This week, you had to be almost deaf not to hear The Wheel turning. Me, I intend to keep on putting my old, arthritic, not-very-strong shoulder to The Wheel, and I’m glad to be inspired by the example of women, who, like Ms. Newsome, decide it’s just time for The Wheel to make a gigantic move forward.

I shan’t be gone long — You come too.


3 responses to “What Patriotism Looks Like on a Summer Saturday in the South

  1. The Governor is a Traitor. She needs to have that rag taken down under her own recognisance. Otherwise, I would fully support a Presidental Order to the DOD to have the monument and the flag destroyed ASAP. The state of South Carolina (along with any other state flying that rag) is an enemy of the USA and is currently at a state of war with it.

  2. And they arrested her for what? Trespassing on state property? So, apparently, were a number of other folks.

    Climbing a flagpole without a permit?

    Stealing a state flag? I note that the flag did not leave the property in her possession.

    Anyway, I noticed that the two arresting officers treated her in a gentlemanly manner – no clubs – no pepperspray – no yelling or waving of guns – no barrelrolls across the lawn. At least the lack of such activity was refreshing

  3. Footnote: brave young woman indeed. Hopefully there are many more young people like her. As an old, semi-arthritic person myself I’m not into such activities myself anymore (but there was a time, about half a century ago) though I too still lean against the wheel to move it along as much as I can.

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