ERA: What Do the Stars Say??


I hope that you’ve found Diotima‘s astrological take on the conditions that set the stage for recent developments concerning health care, same-sex marriage, and an emphasis on eradicating racism as interesting as I have. My final question for her concerned the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), first introduced in 1923. Many of us believe that now is the time for a renewed push for ratification. I asked Diotima what Astrology could tell us about this effort. She replied:

Now, as for the ERA (the mere mention of which always elicits a deep sigh from me. I turned 20 the day it passed, and it felt like a birthday present — gave me such hope for the future. 43 years later….).

Anyway, to answer this question, I’m looking at the chart of the ERA’s becoming law — its “birthday” — March 22, 1972 4:38 pm. I’m also looking at transits and progressions to that chart, and the aspects between the chart of the Amendment and the chart of the USA (the “Sibley” chart, with 12 degrees Sagittarius rising). Moon in Cancer in the ERA’s chart is conjunct the USA’s Sun and square its Saturn, and the ERA Mars and Saturn are square the USA Moon, which indicates to me that one of the reasons this has been so hard to get ratified is because of a deep, traditional, Mom-and-apple-pie, and very authoritarian streak in the national psyche that is difficult to overcome — but not impossible, and I believe the next three years will be key.

As for the “how” I believe the goal requires both a bottom-up and top-down approach — a grassroots uprising AND blatant displays of political power. I think the military, and issues around women in the military, may well play a large role in any resurgence of momentum around ratification (just realized I’m not even sure it can still just be ratified? Does it need to go through the House and Senate again?).

One of the problems with this chart and its interaction with the USA chart is that it emphasizes how we women are too easily silenced by the powers that be, and those of us who do speak up are labelled as “shrill” and “harpies” and “outliers” who don’t speak for the majority. There is also a sense of “why is this needed?”. So communication and PR work will be very important, particularly stories that emphasize the “why we need this” angle. Education of the public around the “why” and the (hopefully) concurrent outcry for equality is the grassroots piece. But we also need some raw power and political cage-rattling to make sure this issue stays front and center in the public eye. Women’s rights must become an issue in the upcoming presidential campaign and, for all my objections to Clinton, I am glad of her candidacy.

More information on the ERA can be found here. I’m just going to say that I’m getting to be an old woman and, if I, too, die without this amendment getting passed, I’m going to come back and haunt America until ERA is the law. And you wouldn’t like me when I’m dead.

You can follow Diotima’s regular astrological look at current events over at Pagan Square. She’s a spectacular speaker and if you ever have the chance to see her at Sacred Space or another conference, you should grab it. Diotima will be offering an online class entitled Chart and Soul: Astrology for Yourself, that will give a very basic grounding in astrology, with a focus on personal spiritual development. You can sign up for it at

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