I Want this on a T-Shirt


hat tip: Fern B. Miller.


4 responses to “I Want this on a T-Shirt

  1. And for those of us who need a text in order for our software to read it, may we know what it is too please?

    I’m sorry but this is two days in a row your post was inaccessible.

    • The image is in two panels. On the left, a white woman in blue turban and green robe is leaning against a tree. Her facial expression is rather arch or satirical. The right panel reads: “Ain’t you people got no gods to worship? No holy days to celebrate? No Ancestors to deal with, er I mean venerate? In short — don’t you people have some sacred work to do? Justice work? Environmental work? Community weaving?” Signed, Byron Ballard.

  2. Lawsy. I think I’d like a coffee mug. Look what you’ve started, missy.

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