The Magical Battle for Britain Required a Relationship with Britain’s Landbase

When Dion Fortune contrived to protect Britain from Nazi Germany, one of the factors in her favor was the fact that Ms. Fortune was already in deep relationship with Britain’s landbase. Ms. Fortune was born in Bryn-y-Bia, Wales, and later studied in London. Even later, she lived in Glastonbury at the base of the Glastonbury Tor. She eventually moved to 3 Queensborough Terrace, London, where she and her magical lodge resided during the Blitz of World War II.

When Ms. Fortune wrote letters outlining meditations to protect Britain from Nazi attacks, she began with an underground entrance to Glastonbury Tor. This was due to the fact that she had an intimate relationship with the landbase she described. Going underground there wasn’t something odd or strange for her.

Ms. Fortune’s relationship with the land allowed her to show her correspondents how they, too, could reach, on the astral plane, a cavern underneath the Tor, a staircase up to a library of wisdom, and then, for the bravest of the brave, a wind-swept tower, subject to high winds and strong attacks.

Those of us who hope to protect, inter alai, Mama Gaia’s oceans, from climate change must do the work to develop relationships with Her oceans, with the land bases that edge them, with the seabirds and seaweeds that sing the songs of praise around them. What actual, real thing will you do tomorrow to create that kind of relationship?

It’s all real. It’s all metaphor. There’s always (/hat tip to Aiden Kelly) always more.


One response to “The Magical Battle for Britain Required a Relationship with Britain’s Landbase

  1. As I sit here, nodding and yessing, the just-picked quinces are adding their almost-perfume to the air. I spent the mid-day in the garden with a team of 18 yr olds who had come to help us old broads with all the weeding. The weather was perfect and so were they. And we all laughed for rain.

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