The Magical Battle for the Group Mind


As Dion Fortune and her followers worked magically to protect Britain during World War II, she wrote about those who:

deliberately wish to poison the group mind of the race and make it helpless to defend itself, to divide it against itself, or to cause it to turn out of the main stream of progress into a backwater and run itself aground, leaving the way open for the advancement of its enemies.

She noted that if attackers had:

the sense to concentrate on existing weaknesses and defects in national character and intensify them, instead of trying to turn us into a new and unnatural channel, a very great deal of disruption can be brought about.

She worried that:

if disgruntled members of our own group soul took up the task, it [could be effective]. They would operate from inside our psychic defense; they would strike along the true lines of cleavage in our group soul.

I take Ms. Fortune’s references to “race” and “the group soul” to mean essentially “the nation.” I’ve looked for any discussions of her use of these terms and been unable to find anything, so if anyone knows, I’d appreciate hearing.

Think about her observations in terms of American Exceptionalism, the old quote that if fascism ever comes to America it will come draped in the flag and carrying the cross, the use of 9/11 to make people hate Muslims and live in constant fear of “terrorists.” Think about Fox News regularly creating an us/them dichotomy, providing feminists, African Americans, gay people, Muslims, etc. as “the other” against whom Americans should unite. Think about the kind of country music that focuses on creating resentment against anything urban. What other elements of America’s group soul do you see being used by those who want to “run us aground”?

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3 responses to “The Magical Battle for the Group Mind

  1. I need to give this more attention. And I will. At our “grumpy clergy coffee” today, I had an inspiring conversation with one of my UU minister friends. More to come on that, I hope. Now is the time. Light the signal fires. Save the scrolls. Build the temple.

  2. Byron, I love that saying. Had great talk w/ Occult Librarian tonight about how Athena/Germanica/Columbia/Marriane is such a young Goddess with so much on her shoulders. Is our real work to help her gain wisdom quickly??? Also talked about how inside the seed of Her success is Her failure and what to do about that.

  3. Michael U. J. Wombat, MD, JD, AM&FM

    Exceptionalism claimed is common humanity denied. Human exceptionalism claimed is a common world denied. As seems regularly to happen, a math/physics geek finds more common ground with a witch than would have seemed intuitive

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