Wherever You Go, There She Is

I was in a small mountain town this morning and, from a distance, could see a grand building with a statue of some Goddess on top of a cupola. I asked one of the local historians who that Goddess was. “Goddess!?!?,” she asked. “What do you mean?  Like Columbia or something?”  I described what I’d seen and she graciously searched Google until she found the answer. There was a statue of Libertas on top of the Augusta County Courthouse. She offered that, as a little girl, she’d portrayed Columbia in a pageant, but didn’t know anything about Columbia.   We talked.  Wherever I go, there She  is.   May it be so for you. 


2 responses to “Wherever You Go, There She Is

  1. There is a fountain next to the Park Plaza hotel in Boston that I’ve spent the last year, off and and on trying to identify the Goddess depicted.
    The key, as I figured out finally, is the zodiac circling the upper basin. Water flows from her bowl into this basin, then falls to the lower basin. She is Our Lady of the Upper and Lower Waters, refracted through the iconography of Hebe (a popular subject of fountain sculpture in late 19th to early 20th century America.

    Where ever I go, there she is!

  2. plucky, Hebe is a favorite of mine. A much-neglected goddess.

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