Simple Steps in the Magical Battle for Any Political Purpose

One of the reasons that I’ve been highlighting Dion Fortune‘s The Magical Battle of Britain is to demonstrate that political magic is nothing new. Magical workers have been doing political magic for at least as long as there has been a polis upon which to work magic.

Ms. Fortune wrote weekly letters to her followers during a large portion of World War II. Each weekly letter (as listed in the appendix to The Magical Battle of Britain) gave the magical workers a subject. These ranged from:

8/10/39: The realization that a singe and indivisible Life ensouls all men [sic].Therefore, although we are obliged to wage war, we must not hate, for hate will only breed fresh wars; to

1/28/40: Meditate on the angelic Presences guarding the land; to

4/21/40: The Angelic pastor of the coasts of Great Britain, extended, for those who care to undertake the task, as described; to

2/23/41: The Four Archangels keeping watch over these Islands; to

3/9/41: The overcoming of the fear and frustration and loss by meditating on the cosmic life; to

3/16/41: The attack on the clouds of an astral evil over Germany; to

10/4/42: The nucleus of dedicated and initiated.

The actual magical working was simple.

Members across the world were asked to “sit in meditation at the same time” as the members of the Fraternity of the Inner Light were holding their group meditation. As Ms. Fortune explained, “Thus, a nucleus of trained minds will be formed.” Ms. Fortune asked her followers to read the directions for the meditation early on the designated day and to then ground, center, and focus on the prescribed subject.

Having thoroughly filled your mind with the ideas set for the meditation work, picture in your imagination a symbolic image, figure, or scene that shall symbolism it. Seeing this before your mind’s eye, slow down your thought processes till you being to “feel” rather than reason. Try as it were, to “listen” mentally. Do not try to hold this mental stillness for more than a few moments, even if you feel you are getting results, because it is a very potent method of mind-working and it is not good to do it for long at a time. However fascinating you may find it, discipline yourself to pass on firmly to the next stage, for it is here that the real work is done.

Ms. Fortune next urged her fellow-workers to mentally dedicate themselves to The Good, to connect with what she called the Group Soul of the Race, and to open themselves as a channel for The Good to come into that Group Soul. At that point, the magic workers were asked to again mediate upon the subject set for that week’s work. Finally, there were normal magical closing activities.

Ms. Fortune admonished that it was “only by single-pointed team-work that results are obtained. A diffused benevolence never gets anywhere.”

May it be so for you.


One response to “Simple Steps in the Magical Battle for Any Political Purpose

  1. This is how I knew I was “getting old” (whatever the Hel that means)–I keep thinking “we’ve already tried that” and I continue to be ignored. Come on, Sister-Friend–let’s do this thing.

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