Gee, the Days Are Short Potpourri


* This seems to me to be an entirely Pagan practice and a better way to spend our time than in Witch wars:

* This is very Saul Alinsky. Make them play by their rules; they can’t do it.

A town dominated by independent businesses, some of which have been passed down three generations, Crickhowell traders recently fought off a high street planning application from a large supermarket chain. In the BBC2 documentary, The Town that Went Offshore, the residents express their anger at companies including Caffé Nero, which has not paid corporation tax in the UK since 2008, despite recording sales worth £1.2 billion. The film, presented by Heydon Prowse, co-creator of the BBC Three series The Revolution Will Be Televised, follows the Crickhowell shopkeepers as they travel to the Isle of Man, where Caffé Nero’s parent company is based for tax purposes. Jo Carthew, who runs Crickhowell’s Black Mountain Smokery, which sells local artisan produce, with her family, said: “We were shocked to discover that the revenue generated by hard-working employees in these British high street chains isn’t declared. We do want to pay our taxes because we all use local schools and hospitals but we want a change of law so everyone pays their fair share…Until now, these complicated offshore tricks have only been open to big companies who can afford the lawyers’ fees. But we’ve put our heads together, and worked out a way to mimic them. It’s jolly clever.”

* Patriarchy in a thimble: Republican presidential candidates are lining up to announce that, given a time machine, they’d gladly go back and strangle baby Hitler in his crib. Ah, but would they let his mother abort him??? No way. It’s about who gets to choose: the men or the women. Me, I want a crack at baby Saul of Taurus.

* I’d like to think that now that our horrible policies are killing middle class white men maybe something will change, but those guys keep voting against their own self interest. It’s a painfully accurate version of the Darwin awards.

* The reason why my blood pressure worries my doctor in one headline: Birmingham, Alabama, Boy Kills Toddler After Moms Go to Club: Cops

This needs to read: Birmingham, Alabama, Boy Kills Toddler After Moms Go to Club AND FATHERS ARE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND: Cops

You see this kind of BS all the time. Sure, the moms should not have left those kids alone and certainly not to “go out clubbing.” But why weren’t the fathers there taking care of the kids and making sure everything was ok?

* I love this. “Because it’s 2015.” I’m going to make it my new go-to reason. Why do black lives matter? Because it’s 2015. Why do we need the ERA? Because it’s 2015. Why should we Leave It In The Ground? Because it’s 2015. Why does gender need to stop being so important? Because it’s 2015. Why it is time for a woman president? Because it’s 2015.

* My religion is not based on binaries. I don’t know about yours, but I am beginning to suspect, based on the way that a number of Pagans are acting, that their religions are, indeed, based entirely on binaries. I find myself constrained to recite the Ballard Query: “Ain’t you people got no gods to worship? No holy days to celebrate? No Ancestors to deal with, er I mean venerate? In short — don’t you people have some sacred work to do? Justice work? Environmental work? Community weaving?” There are reasons why marginalized people often wind up fighting each other and imposing intellectual purity screens of increasing rigor instead of, you know, fighting the power. Let’s not be those guys. Let’s not do that.

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2 responses to “Gee, the Days Are Short Potpourri

  1. Have I told you lately that I love you? Kick it down, burn it up, dance on the ashes. Death to the patriarchy.

  2. Yay for Guerrilla gardening. Last week, on a grey and misty morning, I had to catch the bus to work. As it wove through the industrial areas of greater Birmingham I caught site of a patch of ground between a railway line and a derelict factory that had been sown with sunflowers. It gladdened my heart – there is a witch looking after that place. I wonder who she is?

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