What Every Woman Lives With

What every woman lives with, every day of her adult life, is the knowledge that there are men — millions of men — so enraged at the idea that even some woman they don’t even know might manage to exercise some sovereignty over her own life, that they will do anything — anything — kill, bomb, rape, enslave, beat, torture — anything — to prevent it.

Every woman.  Every day.


2 responses to “What Every Woman Lives With

  1. And through all the recent “activisms” with their savvy media platforms, powerful images, memorable catch-phrases–through all of those, this one thing remains embedded in the very roots of every culture on the planet. And it has become so normalized that we simply shrug and move on. Every woman. Every day. Everywhere.

  2. So terrible and yet True.
    But I disagree with the comment above! Not Every Culture! Ours (the primary one in the Western world) sadly yes, and many others, but there still do exist Matriarchal cultures who have very different beliefs deeply imbedded in their roots. They exist Today, and they have since the days of prehistory, and the men raised in them see women in a very different light! Wish we would draw more lessons from them!
    Bless Mother Nature, Bless The Allmother (in whatever form you see her), and bless the Goddesses!

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