Monday at the Movies

Some people say that magic isn’t real or that, even if it is real, you can’t see it in action because it’s too subtle, mysterious, ethereal.

So I thought that you might like to see some actual magic as it happens.  You can see all the Elements at work:   Earth, Air, Fire (look at the passion of those bright red worms!), and Water.

You might even want to work with this magic.  You could ground, center, cast a circle, call the Elements, and send energy to the very same magic happening right now on your own Bit of Earth.  This is a good time of year to dive underground and do deep magic.  You could use this as a visualization for creating good things in your life.

Amy Stewart’s written a great book on this kind of magic.


2 responses to “Monday at the Movies

  1. I’ve always found composting to be one of the most rewarding parts of my practice. Every onion skin and potato peel fed to the pile is a small healing of the earth. And the goings-on in there would rival a soap opera – very fun to watch. The appearance of a slime mold, so exciting. The little grey mousie I startled when I opened the lid one day. He was so terrified, he couldn’t jump out. I placed a shovel over the edge as a bridge and moved far enough away that he felt safe to make his escape, while I quietly cheered him on.Strange-looking creatures that led to hours of enjoyable research to identify. And, of course, the worms. It’s lovely to see them thrive.

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