It Can Happen Here; It Can Happen to Pagans


It’s the tiniest of baby steps from announcing that members of a given religion won’t  be allowed into the country to announcing that something has to be done about the ones already here.  If they can’t be deported, then there are internment camps.  And if they can do that to members of one minority religion, they can do it to members of other minority religions, as well.

Any Pagans assuring themselves that “It can’t happen here,” are crazy.

Picture found here.

Update:  And just in case you thought that maybe I was being an hysterical old woman about that whole internment thing.

Hat tip:  Atrios


2 responses to “It Can Happen Here; It Can Happen to Pagans

  1. Today, a colleague here tagged me in social media to see if I (and others) had offered help to the local mosque. I said I had not and that it is important that we check in with the Muslim community to see if they actually want our well-meaning intrusion into their Friday prayers. And I couldn’t help but remember that the times when my community, my Pagan community, has been threatened, there was never that sort of effort on our behalf.

  2. The number of pagans who are Islamaphobes are disheartening, to say the least but it’s not a new thing nor are the pagans who are racists. The election of Obama really brought these people out into the open. One good thing about Facebook is that it’s easy to identify these people.

    I don’t think the local mosque wants our intrusion into their Friday prayers. Would you want people to intrude on your Sabbat ritual? They want to be left alone, just like we do. They want the same religious freedom that everyone else gets. Part of that is just being LEFT ALONE. Of course, Christians have always had a hard time doing just that.

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