Monday at the Movies

With kids home from school for a week or so, it’s good to have some enviro-friendly films in your back pocket.  Here’s one:


4 responses to “Monday at the Movies

  1. This is a talk about Arizona/Austin gardening …..BUT do check on You Tube for shows from “Central Texas Gardening” — an outstanding radio/video show on the local Public Radio station — LOTS of YouTube videos featuring drought-tolerant gardens of all sorts around Austin, San Marcos and San Antonio area! Ideas for design, drainage, plants etc.

    Just a favorite that I wanted to share with you and your readers in case folks wanted some gardening ideas over the winter months …..hope you don’t mind! 🙂

  2. Argh! My typing skills — the show and the YouTube channel is “Central Texas Gardener” from KLRU …..

  3. Another favorite video from the channel ….. check out her ideas about okra …. never thought that the plant could be used for fuel! ????

  4. Jan, Thanks so much! Will check them out!

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