New Moon Before Solstice PotPourri


  •  I don’t know about your job, but in the world of DC lawyers, the period from now until about January 5th or so is a “time between time.”  Yes, agencies and courts still set dates for pleading to be filed and, yes, some of us wind up researching and writing over these dates.  The Goddess knows that I have.  But there’s a general slowing down of business and everyone understands that phone calls and emails may not get answered immediately.  I love it.
  • Today is International Tea Day.  I’ll drink almost any herbal concoction you can imagine, but I’m very partial to Earl Grey and Lapsang souchong and the tea eggs that you make with it.  After that, give me Constant Comment or Red Zinger.  I’m pretty pedestrian.  But I do love the British custom of serving tea with sponge cake or biscuits.
  • If you haven’t already ordered your copy of A Beautiful Resistance: Everything We Already Are, you need to buy it now.  I do think that this journal may well be the  When God Was a Woman/Spiral Dance/Drawing Down the Moon/Fifth Sacred Thing/ of this generation.
  • Put on socks.  Make tea.  Sit by a fire.  Wake up and mediate in the darkness.  Cook and eat some soup.   .  What if music really does matter to your eternal soul?

Picture found here.


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