Full of So Many Kinds of Wrong


I don’t have a tv set and haven’t had one for most of my adult life.  I watch a movie on Netflix or a BBC series on AmazonPrime from time to time, but my exposure to actual television is almost nil.  Which probably helps to explain the trauma.

This morning, I found myself sitting for an hour in the waiting room at the car repair shop and they had (because this is apparently required anytime six or more Americans gather together) a flat-screen tv on the wall showing Good Morning America.  The sound was on, too, not just closed captioning along the bottom, so you really couldn’t sit in that room and not pay attention.

Oh.  My.  Goddess.  All that I could think of was a line from one of Octavia Butler’s novels where, far into the future, a traveler from another planet picks up a bit of petroleum-based plastic and tastes it.  They dropped it immediately because it was “full of so many kinds of wrong” that they could hardly bear it.

I realize that Good Morning America isn’t, for example, Fox News.  But the Patriarchal, capitalist propaganda, the sexism, the faux emotion, the fake bonhomie — and, Mother of the Gods — the commercials!  There was one commercial that played over and over that said that Subarus are love.  I am not making that up.  The way that even average Americans have been taught how to give sound bites and propagandize themselves.

Turn it off, people.  Throw it away.  You wouldn’t knowingly eat poison.  Don’t watch that garbage.

Picture found here.


6 responses to “Full of So Many Kinds of Wrong

  1. Gods, yes. I avoid places that have TVs setup like that, so I’ve experienced this mostly when staying in a hotel room. I think, hm, wouldn’t this be novel? and click on the television. This happens so infrequently that it’s almost a social experiment – how bad could it have gotten since the last time? And it is always worse. So much worse. I am shocked and dismayed every time. If this is what people are taking in …

  2. I am with you. Never watch.

  3. We have a TV purely for watching DVDs on music, art, and so on. And our TV is tiny, so it doesn’t hog the room. We used to subscribe to a news service but decided it was so negative we’d do without. We have never been big TV watchers anyway, so good to watch what actually nurtures us art-wise rather than depresses us news-wise.

  4. Although I went without a TV for years, I now have one and watch cooking shows on CreateTV and other PBS stations. I cannot deal with “usual” programming – it’s horrible. Growing up, we were only allowed to watch programs that were educational – otherwise, we listened to music. Or went outside to play.

  5. We own a moderately-sized flat-screen and subscribe to a satellite service. We use it to watch select broadcast movies – mostly older ones – and we possess a rather large DVD collection as well. In addition I spend a little time watching a few select ‘news’ programs. Thom Hartmann and Democracy Now are two favorites along with an occasional look-see at BBC, mainly to learn what the ‘others’ are on about. We both also enjoy various programs on PBS. We do not watch anything ‘live’ but instead let it all record on the DVR so as to be able to speed through any commercials that crop up. TV per se is not necessarily evil and can be a useful tool. However, since much of the programming most certainly is, it is necessary to be judicial in its use.

  6. Your experience – and that of the first 4 respondents above – matches mine. I think of American TV as poison as toxic as radium or arsenic. I know that there are some good shows. But once you give the Big Boys (and they are mostly boys and mostly Corps) access to your consciousness, there will be constant attempts to poison you.

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