I Have to Write Something

“I have to write something.”   It’s the underlying current of my life.

It’s my job, where I sing for my supper, rubbing chalk onto my hands, grabbing the too-heavy and over-balanced sword, stepping into the circle, and dancing the sell-sword dance of a woman who writes briefs for a living.  It’s the underlying current of who I am outside of my job, where I create myself by sitting down, centering, and pulling that bitch-blessing CONTENT from There onto a page, a screen, a journal, my own flesh.

Lately, whenever I’m not at work, I’ve been reminding myself that “I have to write something” about polytheism.  I have an article due and, well, I believe in many Goddesses/Gods and in more, besides.  I’m a mystic and an animist who knows that we’re/it’s all alive, all real, all metaphor — there’s always more.  And so I keep wondering what I can say or add to the current discussion of polytheism.  Sure, lots of Goddesses and Gods.  That’s true.  Some of them close to me, some I’ve hardly met, some who show up for a short time and then drift away.  Hecate.  Always Hecate.  Always the Goddess of change, liminality, the possibility of the crossroads.  Always Her and then, well, the Others.

Here’s David Whyte, cricket-like, giving me the next three lines:

What gives them to you????


2 responses to “I Have to Write Something

  1. hecatedemeter,

    I am excited by the prospect of your voyage. Your announcement caused me to visit the communal map shop Wikipedia 🙂 where I looked for brochures, maps, travel guides if you will, to get an insight into the many land/dimensions which you may enter. Of course I don’t know where you are going, but I am certain that you do.

    I feel that you have long prepared for your journey and will carry tools and talismans to aid, protect, and guide you. I hope to be around for the revelation of your findings.

    Bon voyage!

  2. I am also feeling that pull, I’m afraid. And I am afraid, in a sense. This is so personal, so deep and of such long-standing–I’m not sure I can brook the sort of challenges that I am likely to face in the blogosphere. Silly, perhaps…but there it is. My next lines? I trust always The Great Priestess, Enheduanna. Even in translation. Love to you, sister. Happy trails.

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