The Witch’s Bedtable


Inherit memories from yourself.  Remember the rejection each time you tried or the conflict each time you spoke.  Inherit that pain and blame yourself.  You are not good enough.  You are too weak.  You are not enough.

Hear the voices of the gods speak, and throw their whispers back at them, pretend it’s all echo, all madness.  You can change nothing, because to change a thing is to assert a self into the world and it’s safer to have no self at all.

Confront the dead, their memories, the torment and dislocation and sorrow and try to convince yourself there’s nothing you can do any longer.  The world is not yours, you are but no one, you are nothing in the face of so much potential for rape.

Stare dumbly at the sword in your hands and consider asking yourself why you’ve had the point aimed at your heart your entire life.

~ Your Face Is a Forest by Rhyd Wildermuth


It’s very easy for me to move my fingers, to make my bones move because they’re a part of me.  In the same way, when you accept the fact that all creation is a part of you, you can move it, you can get it to respond to you.  That’s why some of us can speak with the animals and have them come to us when we call them.  We can talk to the trees, to the Earth, to the Creator, and ask for what we need at a particular time.  We’ve been doing that for thousands of years.  It’s not supernatural.  It’s perfectly natural.

~ Nature Religion in America: From the Algonkin Indians to the New Age by Catherine L. AlbaneseCatherine L. Albanese (quoting Sun Bear).


Approaching middle age made me appreciate my deep connection to the women I have grown up with, worked with, and whose children have grown up with mine.  We have learned what is important, we can look back as well as forward, and we have the chance to weave the choices we have already made into the changes we want to bring to our lives.  Reading poems can help bring clarity and insight to emotions that can be confusing or contradictory.

Women have always been at the center of poetry . . . .

~ Introduction to She Walks in Beauty: A Woman’s Journey through Poems by Caroline Kennedy

Picture found here.


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