Words for Wednesday

Dill Seeds on Plate

Usually, on Wednesdays, I post a poem and I don’t comment on it.  I think that, 99% of the time, talking ABOUT poetry is a bad idea.  You should just read the poem, speak the poem, listen to the poem.  But there are a few exceptions.

And, tonight, you should just read what Mr. Coates says about poetry.

Here’s a tiny taste of the article:

Coates started writing “bad poetry” (his words) in high school, but he took it up with more seriousness in college. When he arrived at Howard University, whose community he calls “the Mecca,” he fell in with poets that included E. Ethelbert MillerElizabeth AlexanderJoel Dias-PorterTerrance Hayes, and Yona Harvey. Coates became a journalist, of course, not a poet. But in Between the World and Me, he writes about how understanding poetry taught him to write: “Poetry was the processing of my thoughts until the slag of justification fell away, and I was left with the cold steel truths of life.”

Photo by the blogger.  If you copy, please link back.


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