I’ve written here before about the magic that I find accompanies choosing a Word of the Year rather than setting New Year Goals.  This year, my word is REFRESH  It seemed a good word for the year when I’ll turn sixty.  And what it meant to me when I chose it was was that I was going to go through my home and my office and get rid of a whole bunch of no-longer necessary things.

And I still expect to do that.  But there’s a magic inherent in every word and, no matter what word I ultimately choose, every year I get some surprises.

This Winter, I went through a major kitchen remodel.  I invoked Hestia. A lot.  I retreated into my Moon-in-Taurus center and pretended that everything was still OK.  Of course, the remodel went wonderfully, but I admit that I’m still feeling a bit raw from all of it.  It tuns out that remodeling your kitchen doesn’t JUST involve disrupting your kitchen.  It means that all of your dishes go into the guest room, all of your spices and boxes of grits go into the dining room, and all of your pots and pans go into the ritual room.

Even without my ritual room, I still did my morning meditations.  I told myself that it was a good exercise for me to meditate and do magic without all of my statues, books, candles, and props.  Witchcraft isn’t really, I told myself, all of those cold, dark, disruptive months, about tools and trinkets.

And, yet, the other morning, when I sat in silence and made contact with the spirits of this house and this bit of earth, they said, very clearly, “You don’t burn incense for us anymore.”

And, so, today, in the very weak, very early Spring light, I picked up sticks and then sat outside and burned incense.  I burned pinion, because that’s what I like best.  I wafted it to the southwest and I wafted it northeast into my face.  I watched the sunlight on the glossy magnolia branches and I wafted the smoke across the spicebushes alongside the porch.

And I realized that I need to refresh my basic Wiccan practices.  You know.  Picking herbs, sharpening my athame, burning incense, pouring blots.

You never know what a word of the year will do.


2 responses to “Refresh

  1. We remodeled our kitchen in 2014, it took five months of disruption, but we are loving the results. A friend and I had such an “interesting” series of starts to our year TGAT we, too, almost lay unwittingly picked a word for this year. I’m told it scares horses and children. But it worked wondrously well in my weekend of magic against Boko Haram!

  2. thank you – i re-did my whole kitchen in 2012 and things are still scattered all over it is taking awhile to move back in..but i will burn more insense and smudge more often

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