As the Moon Wanes in March


I have, really,only one dream, over and over.  The dream has different locations, but it’s the same dream.

Sometimes, I’m trying, over and over, to get my car started.  Or, sometimes, I’m trying, over and over, to find the right gate at the train station.  Or, sometimes, I’m surrounded by too many brothers and sisters, etc. and it’s my job to get everything organized for a movement from HERE to THERE.  It’s my job and I’m failing at it because there’s too much stuff, too many babies, too much movement, too many different sites, a woman who wants to let me know how superior she is to me.  Sometimes, it’s my job to get the elevator to go from floor A to flood M, and, no matter how I try and how many different elevators I board or buttons I may punch, I’m never much closer to where I need to go.

This morning, I’d left all the books that I needed to carry with one of my partners and my giant campaign sign with another of them who couldn’t understand why I’d printed everything in blood red.  And all that I had to do was to get to the 14th floor, clean up the pet food (I keep dreaming that I’ve forgotten to feed my cat), meet my friend, and explain it all to my colleagues. I woke up, dreamed a different ending to that story, turned one pillow over to the cool side, and  pulled a heavy cotton sheet over my shoulder.

OK, sometimes, I have a different dream. It’s a dream about a house with a lot of different rooms.  And I’m walking through the rooms, seeing how I can live here, figuring out how the way that the wind blows over this patio will work for me.  Or I’m trying to start a fire in the bedroom fireplace, or the fire under the bath tub, or the fire that will make the soup that will save everyone’s bronchia and lungs during this long, bad winter.  Or I’m deep in the most interior room, doing a Priestess’ work, in the deep center of the house.  Or it’s a tiny house, and the wind outside is bitter, and I am huddled under knitted blankets.

What are you dreaming as the Moon wanes in March?   What does that tell your about yourself?

Pictures found here.


2 responses to “As the Moon Wanes in March

  1. The house I’m moving into, over and over, mysteriously mazey and always different. It has something fascinating each time: suites of furnished rooms, a set of antique brass engineering tools in a glass case, a pair of mopeds abandoned on the porch, a freezer bigger than the kitchen, a huge window in the master bedroom onto a private waterfall, a restaurant full of visitors having a party, a secret lake in the endless basement with rolling waves lapping at the bottom of the stair. I always awake from such dreams feeling oddly blessed.

  2. My dreams have gone dark lately. Literally. I’ve gone from someone who dreams vividly all the time to someone who seems never to remember her dreams. I’m hoping and assuming that my inner self is processing all kinds of interesting grunge and blessings, mixing them into dream signs that will be gifted back to me soon.

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