More Shiny Things



“Mom!  I’m home,” Hannah yelled through the screen door.  “Is there any more peanut butter?  LaCrosse practice was brutal and I’m starved.”

Melissa slipped the cameo into her pocket and headed inside to hear about Hannah’s day.  She really cherished this time with her teen-age daughter; they could chat while Melissa finished dinner.

“Here’s the last banana and some peanut butter, ” she told Hannah.  “Save some room for dinner.  How was school?”  She began to chop vegetables for the salad that would go with the bean soup.

“Ugh,” Hannah said.  “We had those state competency tests all day.  I’m wiped.  And I still have that Geography test to study for.  Here’s the newsletter they told us to bring home.  At practice, Oliva told me she’s going to the dance with Craig Hofstettler.  I can’t believe she likes him.  He’s such a bully.  Can I have some of those carrots?”

“Lissa!”  Harry yelled, walking through the front door.  “I need my softball uniform; there’s an extra practice tonight.  Can you find it for me; you washed it, didn’t you?”

“I thought you’d have dinner with us tonight,” Melissa said, wiping her hands on the back of her jeans and heading for the laundry room.

“Can’t, Babe,” Harry said, giving her a peck on the cheek and grabbing the uniform from her hands.  “You know playing on the company team is an obligation, not an option.  I’ll grab something after practice with the guys.  You two lovely ladies go on without me.  Hannah, help your mom with dinner.”

Later that evening, after the dishes were done and Hannah had finished her homework, Melissa sat at the kitchen table with a cup of tea.  She picked up the school newsletter and read:  Dear Parents, we want to let you know that next Friday will be Religious Education Day.  Various Faith Groups will be on campus to distribute literature and educate our students about values.  The Gideons will be distributing Bibles and First Baptist Church will hand out salvation leaflets.  The Church of Christ will provide snacks and some musical entertainment for our students.  In other news, the boys baseball team is heading for the tournament . . . .

“I should do something about this,” Melissa thought, “although what I could do without mortally embarrassing Hannah and hurting Harry’s chances for promotion in this small town is far from clear, but, honestly. . . .”

Melissa slumped down on the kitchen chair.  A sharp needle jabbed her hip.

/To be continued.

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One response to “More Shiny Things

  1. Wait, wait! You can’t stop there!

    More please!

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