Freya’s Evening Potpourri

  •  I made this tonight for book club and thought it went over well. Mix 5 T soy sauce, 1 T honey, 2 T rice vinegar, salt, and pepper.  Mix 5 T sesame seed oil, toasted sesame seeds, and hot pepper flakes. Put asparagus spears and bok choy bulbs in bowl and coat with oil mixture.  Place salmon filets on grill. Brush honey mixture over them.  Spread vegetables around and cover them, too, with honey mixture.  Grill. Eat.
  • Read this by Theodora Goss.  You’ll thank me.
  • Which candidate is the most honest?
  • Don’t tell Larry Summers, but apparently the girl is the one who understands the math.
  • I went up on Saturday and saw this lovely Mucha exhibit at the MSV.  Especially for those of us who ARE NOT creative, seeing art matters.
  • This.

2 responses to “Freya’s Evening Potpourri

  1. The Goss story is wonderful! Thank you for the pointer. What a lovely way to end a Sunday.

    Was it you who pointed me to Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane? I’ve been reading and rereading it.

  2. Kathy, So glad you liked it! She’s so good, isn’t she?

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