Banishing Trump’s Glamour


As I discussed here, the glamour that Donald Trump projects is certainly not at all who he really is.  While he wants others to see him as a successful leader, a brilliant businessman, a sexual giant, he is, in reality, a buffoon, a failure,  shadowy trickster, a puer.  Yet, as I wrote:

[H]ere we have a puer, a shadowy trickster, who may well become the leader of the free world.  His ascent to power depends upon his ability to continue to cast a glamour upon a large number of gullible people.  We’re, as Christopher Penzack once said, Witches; we should do something about that.  As magic workers we must work to dispel that glamour.

So how do you dispel a glamour?  Especially with Donald Trump’s followers, simple facts don’t seem able to pierce the bubble.  Tell them that he’s gone bankrupt a number of times, would have made more money simply investing his inheritance in index funds, knows next to nothing about governing and policy, changes his positions from minute to minute, and is really a creepy old man with a combover, and it does no good at all.  In fact, there’s some evidence that trying to dispel right-wing and fascist glamours with facts and logic almost always backfires, actually strengthening the glamour instead.

Byron Ballard provides, in Assiduity and Mad Stones, a simple spell for busting a glamour when you’re in a meeting, which I’ve adapted here to provide for the fact that you likely won’t be meeting Trump in person.

Ground yourself and cast a circle.  Burn whatever incense you use for protection.  Light a white candle.  Call upon Apollo, God of reason and clear sight, Hecate, who tells the truth about what’s happened even when no one else will, or Athena, Goddess of politics and strategy.   Breathe deeply to clear your own energy filed.  Call up an image of Trump as he appears to his followers.  Sit with your forearms resting on your thighs.  Open up your left hand, palm-up, and begin tapping the center of that palm with the middle finger of your right hand.  You’ll start to feel the one hand get warm and then the other.  When you can feel the energy flowing back and forth between the tapping and the receiving had, look directly at that image of Trump.  See  his glamour begin to fade away and look at who he really is.  Keep tapping and project that image — the failure, the cheat, the old man terrified of losing any sexual prowess he ever had, the buffoon, the failure — out into the universe.  Keep tapping and see the scales falling from the eyes of those who admire him.  Slowly tap three more times.  Breathe and clean your own energy field of any remaining bits of his glamour.  Thank the deity you called.  Extinguish the candle.  Allow the incense to burn out.  Open your circle.

Judika Illes‘ book, The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells:  the Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts, contains banishing spells that can also be used to dispel Trump’s glamour.  (I’ve adapted them a bit for our purpose.)  You’ll need to make some Four Thieves Vinegar, which is easy to do and uses common kitchen ingredients.  If you can make it during the full or waxing Moon, that will add to its ability to shed light on who Trump really is.

Four Thieves Banishing Spell No. 3

  1.  Write “Donald Trump” on a piece of brown paper.
  2. Soak the paper in Four Thieves Vinegar.
  3. Fold the paper and bury it in a flowerpot, ideally filled with crossroads dirt, but any kind of dirt will do.  Adding some coffee grounds to the dirt will give the spell a little bit of extra energy and will be good for the plant.
  4. Plant a cactus in the dirt and keep the pot near your front door.

Ms. Illes tells us that the following spell is traditionally attributed to Marie LaVeau, who certainly understood how glamour works.

Four Thieves Banishing Spell No. 4

  1.  Write “Donald Trump” nine times on a square of paper.
  2. Cover and cross each name with the word “Truth” and say, “I cross you.  I cover you.  I command you.  I compel you to drop your glamour.
  3. Place this paper inside a small glass jar or bottle.
  4. Fill the bottle with Four Thieves Vinegar and seal it tightly shut.
  5. Dispose of the bottle.  The traditional way is to throw it over your left shoulder into running water without looking, but you can adapt this to your situation.

You might want to continue to work these spells through election day.

Picture found here.


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