Bernie Who?


Magic workers know this:  events have tides.  They have an ebb and flow — and magic works best when you learn to ride the waves, harness the momentum, marry your magic to the movement of the mystery.

Some of this is mechanical:  plant above-ground crops when the Moon waxes, below-ground crops while it wanes.  Emotions rule when the Moon is in watery Pisces; people may act hastily when it is in fiery Aires.  Don’t expect action when the Tarot card comes up  Four of Swords.

But some of it is intuition, experience, a feel for the winds.

Skilled negotiators know the same thing that Witches know.  There is a time to apply pressure, a time to stand firm, a time to negotiate, and a time when it’s too late.

For Senator Sanders, it’s now too late.  His ego blinded him to the moment when he could have done something, could have won some concession from Secretary Clinton.  Now, he’s stubbornly refused to endorse her and the numbers show she can win without his endorsement — and without those few of his supporters who won’t vote for her now but would have voted for her with his endorsement.  He has no leverage left.

The group of his supporters who only would have voted for her if he’d endorsed is a small crowd.  The polls show that most of his supporters will, with or without his endorsement, vote for her in order to defeat Donald Trump.  There’s a group of Sanders supporters who never would have voted for Secretary Clinton; they’ll stay home, or will vote for Dr. Jill Stein, or for the Libertarian, or for Donald Trump.  So that leaves a very small group who would vote for her, but only with his endorsement.  And, if they live in safely blue states, she doesn’t need their vote.  If they live in safely red states, their votes won’t do her any good.  That makes the relevant group even smaller.  Too small to matter.  And after New Jersey, that group is pretty much all the bargaining power he has left.

More and more, he looks like nothing so much as a bitter old man, desperately trying to stay relevant.

Too bad he didn’t ask a Witch.

Picture found here.


5 responses to “Bernie Who?

  1. You are probably correct in all your comments. However his issues are still most relavent. Hopefully his supporters and so called “Hillary Haters” will remain relavent and support her.

  2. Wait, who is this guy again? He looks kind of like Larry David. Somehow reminds me of Tina fey, not sure why.

  3. You verbalized what I have been thinking. He could have done what Hillary did when the delegate count showed that he did not have a mathematical chance: fully endorse the winning candidate and move on to capitalize on his accomplishments. But he’s never been an actual member of the Democratic Party. Perhaps being an independent in his case meant just that. He’s a party of one. I agree about the sadly missed opportunity.

  4. Not to mention how much of his capital he spent on inside-baseball technical arguments like who should sit on the Democratic Central Committee. That smacked of paying back certain people for personal gripes, not as concrete steps toward furthering a movement.

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