I’ve been thinking tonight about discernment, especially concerning the act of political magic.  More and more, I find that what’s mostly needed for this is a relationship with your landbase — with the Powers, and Spirits, and Beings of your land.  The land cares about politics because it cares about us, it cares about how our politics affect it.  If you are already in relationship with the land, the land will tell you what to do and how to do it.  It’s old and wise and has eyes and ears everywhere.

Do you have a relationship with the land?  How did it develop?  How do you maintain it?

Picture found here.


2 responses to “Landbase

  1. I am sitting on my front steps, taking a break from my perennial garden. Yes, is my answer. They are tangible now, these Beings with whom we share space. Or should. Ever watchful, generally cheerful, often confused. Love to your land, sister. And to you.

  2. I don’t have a good relationship with my landbase. i’m living somewhere I have never been happy or comfortable, although I’ve lived here nearly half of my life.

    I had one once, and still renew my ties whenever I can. I was not a practicing witch when i lived there, and I should be less concerned about my hills than about the drained swamp I now live in.

    Advice on learning to love a landbase when you don’t like it one bit?

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