Hail, Columbia!


Over the years, I’ve done some workings with the Goddess Columbia.  You can find links to some of my works here.

Here’s Libertas/Columbia during WWI.  And here she is supporting the labor movement and the protest against business trusts.

Here She is again.

And, here.  And here.  And here She is as Minerva.

It’s as if, all this time, America has had a Goddess and no one has known it.

Picture found here.


3 responses to “Hail, Columbia!

  1. There was going to be an anthology about her from Bibliotheca Alexandrina, but it is apparently on hold. Comments on the announcement included a lot of anger over such a goddess being insensitive to native peoples, but I don’t know if that is related to the project stalling. If so, I think it was a missed opportunity.

  2. TPWard,
    Like many Gods and Goddesses, Columbia has a shadow side. Zeus raped women. The Morrigan enjoyed war. Loki was a trickster. Demeter was willing to starve the whole world to find her daughter. Apollo cursed Casandra. And, yes, America (of which Columbia is the embodiment) has a serious shadow side. Although She was originally depicted as First Nations woman, She later came to be associated with Manifest Destiny (there’s an evil picture) and forcing First Nation
    s people westward. But I refuse to surrender her. I wasn’t aware of the Biblioteca anthology, but I was aware that some Pagans scorn her. I never will.

  3. And the old god of America is Old Man Coyote. Got to blog about that soon.

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