We Swore to Feed Each Other’s Children First

They played this song at the rally where Senator Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

It reminded me of this:


2 responses to “We Swore to Feed Each Other’s Children First

  1. Both of these videos are meaningful to me – Bruce is a couple of months older than I and grew up not far from where I did in NJ; Starhawk was one of the first authors I read when I discovered Earth religions while living in the Bay Area for half my life. Both Coasts of our country have deep meaning and memories for me – and both videos made me teary eyed.

    We are at another pivotal point in our Country’s life – holding both Coasts together is easier, I think, than holding our North/South parts – the war which made me slam my books closed during history classes in horror has never been “won;” in fact, we can barely bring ourselves, as a Country, to talk about the ownership of humans by other humans and that effect in our Country’s history – or in fact, the world wide history of slavery/ownership of women, children, men and other life forms throughout human history during this patriarchal age.

    And how are we to remember those ties to other places in our lineages? I am only 2nd generation here in the US, my family history going back to Slavic Eastern Europe – I weep for the horror that Nice is experiencing now…how are people and other life forms dealing with the horror, destruction and violence that is happening in other areas of our beautiful Earth because of human cruelty, human ignorance, human arrogance? How do we and they find our way out of these systems that do not celebrate and honor Life in all Her fullness, diversity and Beauty?

    Understanding the events/happenings of Life on our Earth is a very visceral, physical, bodily experience for me personally; it has been since I’ve been a child. Our Earth, like my body, has an immune system to fight off invasive, parasitic and deadly diseases; I want to be part of that system that helps with the healing of our Earth’s body from where our bodies originate and without which we have no life.

    Witchcraft, for me, is a way to do that…

  2. Delphine49, that’s two of us.

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