Summer Saturday PotPourri


  • Chas Clifton makes a good point about “interfaith.”  I’ll add my own rant and say that Paganism isn’t a “faith.”  The Abrahamic religions are faiths.  Paganism is a religion.  Using “faith” as a synonym for “religion” implies that only the three Abrahamic religions are “real” religions.


  • Theodora Goss is writing about the physical and emotional work that women do.  As I said a while back, it’s possible to just decide that’s no longer your job.


  • Sylvia’s post will make you feel better.


  • Women in gardens.  To be honest, when I’m out in my garden, I don’t look like that.  I’m pulling weeds and covered in dirt.  My face is sweaty and beet red.  I’m usually scratched a bit and have green smears on my elbows.  But I love it.


Don’t give in to the mass media’s drive to control where you put your focus. Focus is one of the great tools in a magic worker’s work-basket. Like corvids, we all love the shiny but let’s work a little harder not to let it rule us. It is shiny for a reason and that reason is rarely good.

Take time for your daily spiritual practice, whatever that may be. Sit at your home altar, walk through the woods, go to your church or temple. Pray, if you do that. Circle dance. Drum. Sing. Connect with the Divines and rest in the glorious agricultural cycle that Pagan religions are built on. Hel, that all religions are built on.

Sit upon the land where you live. Notice everything you can about it—drought or flood or perfect weather, what are the birds singing in the morning, how does the air smell at the end of the day. Be outside, even if the weather is uncomfortable. Pace yourself in heat and sun, splash in rain, touch leaves, walk in bare feet. Become a helpful part of your ecosystem as often as you can.

I second that.

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2 responses to “Summer Saturday PotPourri

  1. Thank you for all of it, but especially the link to Sylvia’s post. Anything that invokes Ursula K. Le Guin makes me feel better. I’m rereading Always Coming Home right now. Well, no, right now I’m editing the English translation of a French book about horses, but you know what I mean. 🙂

  2. “Notice everything you can about it.” Sitting out on the deck reading this when hubby yelled out from inside “see the storm coming?” response without thought “I can feel it.” Maybe I’m learning after all!

    Months ago you had a story about a young witch dismayed at her difficulty grounding in earth, while totally unaware of how easily and naturally she did so in water. taking that lesson to heart, I find myself listening ever more deeply to that which is ‘written on the wind’. Born with sun in earth, moon in water, and fire rising, perhaps there lies completion?

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