From the Witch’s Bedtable


  •  “I believe that a desire and a prayer and a spell are the same thing,” I say.  “When you pray, you know that you want something, that’s always the first step.  To let yourself know that you want something, that you yearn for it.  Sometimes, that’s the hardest thing to do.  Because you have to have courage to know what you desire.  You have to have courage to acknowledge that you are unhappy without it.  And sometimes you have to find the courage to know that it was your folly or your wrongdoing which lost it; before you can make a spell to bring it back, you have to change yourself.  That’s one of the deepest transformation that can be.  . . .  Magic is the act of making a wish come about.  Like praying, like plotting, like herbs, like exerting your will on the world, making something happen.”

The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory

  • There is a  view of life in which events are not perceived as connected, people are seen as separate entities, merely expendable units to be crushed under the wheels of the great machine known as “progress.”  It was this view that prevailed during the Irish Potato Famine in the nineteenth century, when full grain ships were allowed to leave Irish ports because “market forces” meant that their contents could be sold elsewhere rather than being used to feed the starving farm workers

Only Connect by Yvonne Aburrow in Beautiful Resistance: The Fire is Here edited by Lorna Smithers

Picture found here.






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