There’s a saying that “When you’re used to privilege, equality can feel like oppression.” And we’re seeing it writ large today, when polls show impressive percentages of white people reporting that discrimination against whites is as prevalent as discrimination against African Americans (it isn’t).  We’re seeing it in the Men’s Rights Movement and concerns that American men are being “cucked,” now that women can support themselves and no longer need to sleep with or marry men they don’t like.

You can see it, as well, in one state after another passing restrictive voting laws, ostensibly aimed at preventing “voter fraud,” which has actually been shown to be virtually non-existent.  And when courts, correctly, strike down those laws, you can see it in the howls that allowing too many brown people, or poor people, or students to vote will  somehow “rig” the election.

And, now, we have Patriarchy’s end-game — Donald Trump — who is quite likely to lose to a woman.  And, of course, he and his patriarchal running dogs are now crying that, if the white man loses to a girl, well, then the election will have been rigged.  In a world-view where white men always win, a win by an African American or a woman must have been rigged.  How else could the people who are supposed to lose manage to win?

Dr. Jung had a name for this.  White men have been rigging the system in their favor for centuries.  They can’t imagine winning any other way and, so, of course, they can’t imagine that anyone can beat them any other way.

Look.  I’m sorry.  You lost to a black man.  Twice.  Now, you’re going to lose to a girl.  You’re going to have to figure out on your own how to deal with this.  Managing your emotions is not my job.

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3 responses to “Rigged

  1. I am taking immense joy watching him burn his own campaign to the ground, and I would love to see Hilary win in an unprecedented landslide. Prior to the DNC’s phenomenal speeches and my own research, I bought into a lot of the rhetoric aimed against her (was still voting blue no matter who), and I still see it in my newsfeed by “friends” who like to use gendered slurs/insults against her because they refuse to surrender their cognitive dissonance no matter how much evidence I present. There’s a fantastic if sad meme floating around about how one candidate is pitifully underqualified and the other is more than qualified yet due to misogyny there’s still a contest.

  2. As a white male senior citizen I will try not to undermine the patriarchy nor embarrass myself. Racism remains a major issue in our society today. Those who support the likes of Mr. Trump although they may be racist, it is not their sole motivation. Some of these people see their loss in stature and voice in society as diminished or lost. These people feel they are at the same level as those they felt better than or looked down on whether African Americans, immigrants or for lack of a better choice of words “poor white trash.” Mr. Trump tapped into that open wound with his dispicable rhetoric. Even worse than his supporters are those such as O’Reilly and others. These people with a podium to speak from should know better and claim to be informed journalists and intellectuals. In actuality they are neither but qualify as bigots and opportunists of the worst kind. Sorry for being so wordy.

  3. In my opinion, we are all getting a great lesson on a high-functioning narcissistic sociopath (or at least a person with a severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder).

    I have done extensive research on this topic, and have had two psych doctors weigh in favorably on this position on the comments of my post. You can read it here. https://twoifbycharmwordpress.wordpress.com/ .

    Finally, I will leave you with an excerpt from the paper. This paper was written back in July, and it’s hard to argue that it is not dead on:

    “A covetous sociopath is described as someone who envies or lusts to win or possess another’s qualities (looks, a personality, a mate, an award or promotion, money, a sports victory, etc…) so much, that he will resort to deceit to get them. When this individual cannot win or possess those qualities, he takes as much pleasure from being able to successfully thwart his perceived competition, even if from the sidelines. Many times the victim will have no idea that he was targeted. I believe that if Trump loses the nomination or general election, he could possibly go to great lengths to position himself as someone who did not lose. There could be lawsuits, and wild claims of collusion against him, and strong attempts to besmirch the power-brokers, winners or even voters.”

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