Trump Calls for Followers to Shoot Clinton

Think that I’ll just put this out here on the waxing Moon


6 responses to “Trump Calls for Followers to Shoot Clinton

  1. I was hoping you would post something about this. He is insane. His followers scare the hell out of me. They will follow him to the end and beyond. This is the second time he or someone in his camp has called for violence against Hillary. You called it, men are afraid that women will laugh at them, women are afraid men will kill them. It’s crystal clear for anyone to see.
    I’ll be surprised if Trump stays in the race. He doesn’t really want the “job” of the presidency. I have this feeling that he’ll use some excuse to save face and bow out. But if this fucker stays in, I want Hillary to crush his testicles during the debates.

  2. And thank you for giving me a safe place to say this.

  3. She would utterly destroy him in any debate, and I would laugh the entire time. I would love to see her mop the floor with his ass in the election. He’s beyond cowardly. I hate that they (and of course the NRA) are now attempting to gaslight all the people that are calling him out. The truly sad thing is this is probably nothing new to Hillary. She’s been in politics for 40 years? She’s been playing “the man’s game” for that long, and Trump is pissed that she’s better than him. Same old story we’ve all heard and experienced before.

  4. Just reading an article about DT’s astrology. This line jumped out at me: “We might well call this a ‘get real’ moment for The Donald. Or you might say he’s about to meet the Goddess, in the form of Hera in Virgo.”

    The author (Eric Francis) is analyzing DT’s progressed chart. In it, among other interesting dynamics, the progressed Sun has just moved from the final degree of Leo, also the Ascendant in his natal chart, into Virgo. Here is the link to the piece:

    Shining light on DT can powerfully illuminate what is fear-based and untrue. Here’s loving advice a very wise woman shared with me:
    “… a yellow candle shining light on whatever is fear-based, untrue, and not in the best interests of our wonderful country.”

    A southern friend taught me the egg-binding ritual. It’s powerful action.

  5. I rambled over here to read your passionate and erudite words on this dreadful turn of events. And then I saw the video and have not stopped laughing. You may have noticed on Facebook that I am encouraging people to do a little magic of an evening, just to flex their muscles a bit. Preparation is key, as you know. Love you, sister! #kickitdown #bethewitch

  6. connie k swafford

    Eggs bind ingreadences to geather when cooking with them so egg binding makes scence to me So I need to draw pictures of D T on the egg that I dind?

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