Miss Feb, First of Her Name.

You know the story, don’t you?  How the Suffragettes and their supporters wore yellow roses and how the Patriarchs wore red ones?  And how Harry Burn, a young Tennessee legislator wearing a red rose, got a letter from his mother, Phoebe Ensminger Burn?  She wrote:

“Hurrah, and vote for suffrage! Don’t keep them in doubt. I notice some of the speeches against. They were bitter. I have been watching to see how you stood, but have not noticed anything yet.” She ended the missive with a rousing endorsement of the great suffragist leader Carrie Chapman Catt, imploring her son to “be a good boy and help Mrs. Catt put the ‘rat’ in ratification.”

And, you know how, don’t you, at the last minute, Harry did what his mother asked him to do, thereby changing the world?

Here’s to the woman known to her family and friends as Miss Feb.  We should call her Miss Feb of House Ensminger, the First of Her Name, the Determined, Mother of Harry, Queen of the Letters and the Yellow Roses, Khaleesi of Tennessee, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Hillary.

OK, I made the last part up.


One response to “Miss Feb, First of Her Name.

  1. I love this so much!! Especially the part in the video where they sing, “I want to wear pants!”

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